Outdoor Soccer - Playing Format


U5 is Parent & Tot. A child in this age group will be accompanied by a parent/guardian/teenage sibling on field. 

Field 1 & 2.

Teams will play 3v3 (no goalkeepers). Use pug nets. Two games per field.

There are no offsides. There are no goalkeepers. Try to encourage players to play defense but not to goal hang. We play 3v3 to increase the amount of touches each player gets per game. [As per SSA grassroots rules].



Field 5 & 6

Teams will play 6v6 (including goalkeepers). 

There are no offsides. The retreat line is half field (when the goalkeeper has a goal kick the opposition must retreat to half field). At this age group we use kick ins or dribble ins (which is player's choice) and no throw ins. [As per SSA grassroots rules]. No Corner Kicks: all balls which cross the goal line or end line will be a goal kick.



Field 7 & 8

Teams will play 6v6 (including goalkeepers).

There are no offsides. The retreat line is half field (when the goalkeeper has a goal kick the opposition must retreat to half field). At this age group we use kick ins or dribble ins (which is player's choice) and no throw ins. [As per SSA grassroots rules].



Field 3 & 4

Teams will play 7v7 (including goalkeepers).

There are no offsides.



Field 3 & 4

Teams will play 9v9 (including goalkeepers).

There are offsides. 



Field 9

Teams will play 11v11 or 9v9 depending on numbers (including goalkeepers).

There are offsides. 


Hour Format

The first half of the hour, the players will work on skills and play small sided games.

The last half of the hour, the players will play a game. U5 will play small sided games. (allow 25-30 minutes, see Duration of Match for game time)




GOVERNING RULES. When not otherwise specified, playing rules shall be the current IFAB LAWS OF THE GAME

EQUIPMENT. Goalkeeper jersey must be different color to team jersey or a different colored bib. Shin guards MUST be worn and socks must cover shin guards. No watches, jewelry, rings, hard hair bands, etc. allowed with the exception of medic alert bracelets/tags. Only water in plastic or metal containers (no glass) is permitted on the field.

START OF GAME. Choice of halves and the kick-off shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The team that wins the toss shall decide which goal they wish to attack in the first half, or take the kick off. The team that wins the toss and decided which end to attack takes the kick off to start the second half.

DURATION OF THE MATCH. • 2 x 12-minute half. Substitutions. Substitutions are permitted “on the fly”, at a place within 5 yards of the halfway line and players should be fully off the field before the substitution is allowed to enter. The goal keeper can only be substituted at stoppage of play with the permission of the referee. 

BALL “IN AND OUT OF PLAY”. The ball is “out of play” when: a) when the whole of the ball has crossed the goal-line, or side-line, whether on the ground or in the air; b) when the game has been stopped by the referee. NOTE: The ball is “in play” at all other times.

RESTARTS. When the ball goes out of play, the game is re-started by one of the following methods: a) After a goal is scored, re-start the game with a kick-off at center mark. Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick-off at center mark for U11 and under. This practice should be discouraged in all games. b) Over the sidelines, with a throw-in U13+. The ball must be thrown using both hands from behind the head. Both feet must be on the ground and behind the line. The throw in is taken from the side line. c) Over the goal line or end line, with a goal kick if the attacking team last touched the ball; or a corner kick if the defending team last touched the ball (unless stated above in the rules for each age group). Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere inside the goal area. Corner kicks are taken from the corner arc. d) An indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team in its opponents’ goal area is taken from the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.

OFFSIDE. No off-sides will be called for any U11 and under games. This rule is difficult for the players to understand, but coaches should try to make their players aware of the offside rule and discourage “goal hanging”. In the older age groups (U13+) offside rules stand. Remember there is only one referee at the game so ONLY obvious offside will be called.

SLIDE TAKLING is NOT allowed in league play.

NO HANGING FROM THE CROSSBAR OR CLIMBING THE POST OF THE GOAL. This is an extremely dangerous careless act which can result in serve injury and/or even death. This will not be tolerated and a player that commits repeat offenses will be ejected from the game.

SAFETY is of primary importance. Coaches are expected to stop reckless or dangerous play. Coaches should discuss fair play practices and what player actions would constitute a foul and encourage appropriate behavior.



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